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Respect for Community.


African Americans Visit Africa

The Aftermath of Violence

Why and how do we understand the glorification of violence within our own communities? Is is a diminishing value of black life? is it a sense that the consequences are not as high when we take a black life from our own community as opposed to that of another/ Violence is never a good solution,…More

Impacts of the Carceral State

There’s a target on the backs of black men, the target has no generational protection other than “faith” in a system that allows you to raise with no limit, there are laws and norms within the systematic oppressions impacting your ability to live free even within ordinances designed to insure that you are judged by…More

Raylin James Raw Interview (Ellensburg WA.)

Summary Raylin James – Fights for Justice and Freedom in Washington State Courts, is he being treated with fairness? Does his melanated skin provide a glaring disadvantage? How can we support his journey?  After 16 months behind bars, Jaylin continues to proclaim his innocence while the blindfolded Just Us continues to treat him like a…More

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